The Marajen Stevick Foundation

Our corporation has an unusual structure. We are a for-profit company owned by and accountable to a non-profit charitable foundation. The structure was created in the estate plan of our previous owner, Mrs. Marajen Stevick Chinigo, who passed away in 2002. 

Just like her parents before her, Mrs. Chinigo recognized that an independently-owned local news organization is an essential piece of an educated and growing democratic community. Thus, News-Gazette Media has always been the primary source for reliable and accurate local news, and has always been a vital community advocate and champion.

These tenets were inherited by The Marajen Stevick Foundation when it came into existence after Mrs. Chinigo’s death. The Foundation, as the sole owner of News-Gazette Media, is committed to maintaining a high-quality, locally controlled news organization and to distributing the profits of that enterprise to benefit the East Central Illinois area.

The Foundation carries out its tax exempt purpose by supporting two other tax exempt charities, namely the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois and the University of Illinois Foundation. Through them, the Marajen Stevick Foundation has distributed over $1 million to local non-for-profits.

In making funds available, preference is given to five areas specified by Mrs. Chinigo:

  • Advancing journalism
  • Promoting reading and writing programs
  • Enhancing the lives of Senior Citizens
  • Promoting the humane treatment of animals
  • Enhancing the aesthetics of the Champaign-Urbana area