History of The Stevick Building at 15 Main Street

The News-Gazette’s principal editorial, advertising, circulation and business offices are located in The Stevick Building at 15 Main Street in Downtown Champaign.

The Stevick Building combines a tribute to the past with a vision of the future. When the time came for a major expansion of The News-Gazette’s offices, it was the decision of the publisher, Mrs. Marajen Stevick Chinigo that The News-Gazette remain in Downtown Champaign.

The site selected was that of the former G.C. Willis Department Store and J.C. Penny Department Store, less that two block from the existing newspaper plant. The 100-year-old structure was extensively renovated and remodeled, transforming it into a strikingly contemporary building of steel, glass and granite. The building is dedicated to the memory of David W. and Helen M. Stevick, Mrs. Chinigo’s parents and original owners of The News-Gazette.

Local architect, Gerhardt Retteberg, designed The Stevick Building. Construction was completed in December 1984. The renovations opened up the building, inside and out. The original front of the structure was replaced with a magnificent three story glass atrium. The entry is highlighted by a glass and metal spiral stairway. It winds its way to the second and third floors, offering a spectacular view of Downtown Champaign.

Light and greenery enhance the contemporary décor of the offices. The original art, prints and statuary throughout the building delightfully surprise visitors. These additions from Mrs. Chinigo’s personal collection make The Stevick Building a unique departure from other office buildings.

In a letter to readers published during The Stevick Building’s open house celebration, Mrs. Chinigo wrote, “I have long wanted something special for our employees – a working place that would be a home away from home. I think we have accomplished that goal with this building, which is comfortable as well as functional.”

Mrs. Chinigo’s commitment to Champaign’s downtown area has played a key role in the revitalization of the business district.

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